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The Benefits of Owning Your Water Supply

For most people, city water seems like the best bet. The water is treated when it comes to your home, which makes it pretty sweet deal, right? You may be surprised. We're going to lay down some obvious and some overlooked reasons why having a well installed could be your best idea yet.


We want to kick this one off right out of the gate because cost is something most of us have to take into consideration. And at first glance it'd be easy to think city water is a more cost-effective approach to water. But what you may not realize is that your water rates, just like every other utility, will fluctuate. And without warning. These kinds of cost increases can come out of nowhere and at the exact wrong time.

When you have a well on your property, you pay for the initial drilling and some routine maintenance, but after that, there is no monthly fee.


That "treated" water you're getting from the city is so processed that by the time it gets to you there are virtually no beneficial minerals or vitamins in the water. Yes, any bad bacteria should be gone, but you're also looking at a major lack of the health-providing nutrients that exist in water already. In fact, a major study found that children who grew up on city water had more dental issues than their well-water counterparts because of the lack of minerals in the water.

By contrast, well water maintains most of the good vitamins and minerals to ensure you're getting the full benefit of each glass.


There are few issues that can stop your day in it's tracks faster than a boil alert. Or a water shut off notice. It becomes really apparent, really fast, how much of our daily lives revolve around water and access to it. And when it's cut short, it becomes a real nuisance.

With your own well, those problems become a thing of the past because you have 100% control over your water.


At some point or another we've all fallen victim to taking a huge swig of what we hope will be a refreshing sip of water only to find that, apparently, we opted for a fresh glass of Holiday Inn pool water instead. It's terrible. It ruins drinks and food and it's just not conducive to feeling refreshed. That chlorine taste is actually one of the biggest gripes from city water users and leads to many homes paying an additional monthly fee for water delivery.

But when your water comes from a well and you treat it for any inconsistencies like too much iron or other minerals, your water is fresh and clean. No chlorine (because you're not adding any). Just pure, fresh water.


By and large, the benefit to being master of your water cannot really be overstated. Health benefits, usage, rights, and more are on the side of owning your own well system. And when it comes to costs, what you pay in the upfront costs of having your own well dug, you would quickly make up for in the long term by avoiding any monthly fees for city water and maybe even spring water delivery.

Interested to see what a new well would cost for you and your family?


Call or text 724-588-2652 today to learn more about how Chatfield can fix your water issues

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