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If you are looking to use a private well on your property for your water, contact the team at Chatfield Drilling & Water Purefection! We work with residential and commercial clients across Mercer, PA; Meadville, PA; Grove City, PA; Canfield, OH; Cortland, OH, and the surrounding area. 


Water well drilling is ideal for both new home construction and established homes and businesses because it offers control over your water. Many people choose to get a water well because it cuts down their water bill and dependence on other sources. Depending on the location of your property, it may also be your only reliable source for water. 


Drilling a water well is something that should be left to a professional water well drilling company. It is no easy task and requires special equipment that your average person cannot operate safely. Hiring a professional like us makes sure that everything from planning to project completion is done safely and properly.

There are several different drilling methods we use to complete water wells.  The glaciated areas of Northwest Pennsylvania benefit from cased methods like tried-and-true cable tool drilling.  Air rotary drilling can be used when we expect very deep bedrock wells.  For low-yield unconsolidated soil areas, we can utilize unique screened and sand-packed wells.


Our team is also able to provide quality water pump installations. If your home or business requires a new pump, please feel free to reach out!


Residential Well Drilling



Well water is a simple way to save money on your monthly utility costs!


You have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have water at your home.


Having your own water source gives you fresh water that can help you to limit how much you spend on bottled alternatives.

Many homeowners, especially ones in more rural areas, rely on well systems as they are the cheapest way to supply your house with clean water. Once a well has been drilled and dug, it provides practically an endless supply of water. With proper and adequate water treatment and filtration, the water from your well is perfectly healthy to drink and use on a daily basis. 


For water well drilling and pump installation, water treatment options, or well maintenance, rely on Chatfield Drilling & Water Purefection. Our team has the knowledge, experience, equipment, and materials to complete nearly any well-related job. 


Regardless of your needs, you can count on us for professional and efficient service that ensures quality water is always available when you need it. Our services are available to homeowners throughout Mercer, PA; Meadville, PA; Grove City, PA; Canfield, OH; Cortland, OH, and the surrounding area. 

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Installing a private well on your property can give you direct access to the water you need. Our water well drilling services are safe, efficient, and minimally disruptive. When you need a new water pump installed, please reach out!


Over time, your well may require maintenance to ensure everything is in proper working order. When it comes to expert well maintenance and service, don't hesitate to rely on us. We can repair low flow, cloudy water, and more!


Related Services 

When it comes to your water treatment and well services, choose Chatfield Drilling & Water Purefection every time. Our expertise includes water well drilling and pump installation, creating water softener systems, and more. Contact us today to discuss your needs or to schedule service! We proudly serve homeowners throughout Aliquippa, Grove City, Meadville, Monaca, Mercer County, and the surrounding areas.




Chatfield Drilling & Water Purefection was first established as a small, hometown drilling firm near Greenville, PA in 1967. Now serving just about all of Northwestern PA, we focus on water well drilling and water treatment services for our community. In 1983, we entered into the environmental and geo-technical field. In that time, we have evolved into one of the largest and most professional exploratory drilling firms. We proudly serve Mercer, PA; Meadville, PA; Grove City, PA; Canfield, OH; Cortland, OH, and the surrounding area We bring highly experienced drillers and well-maintained equipment to every job site. By taking great pride in our work and our customers, we have developed a strong reputation for quality, integrity, and fairness in all services we provide.  We provide water wells, submersible and jet pumps, water tanks, softeners, iron-breaker and sulfur removal systems, UV disinfection systems, reverse osmosis, well chlorination and maintenance, well clean-outs, and more.  Hollow-Stem Auger, Air & Water Rotary, & Cable Tool Drilling Techniques Pump Installation Water Testing Water Well Drilling Well & Water System Design Well Repair Environmental & Geo-Technical Drilling Services  Our firm is a state DOT prequalified drilling contractor with vast experience in system controls & maintenance and water treatment techniques for both the private and industrial sector for virtually all system sizes.  Chatfield Drilling & Water Purefection maintains a full fleet, including eight drill rigs, 15 support trucks, and all of the necessary manpower and equipment to facilitate projects of all sizes. We are also certified by the National Groundwater Association and have licensing in five states.  PA licensed well driller, No. 1142 OH Private Water Systems Contractor, No. 000315 NY Water Well Contractor License, No. NYRD10300 WV licensed well drillers on staff (individual licenses) PA Home Improvement Contractor, No. 135958 PennDOT Prequalified Geo-technical Drilling Contractor (E1 Status) National Drilling Association, Monitor Well Construction Certified Surety Bond, City of Pittsburgh Public Works PA Inspection Station (No. AE94) / DOT Safety Inspection Mechanic on-staff OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations Training OSHA-8-hour Hazardous Waste Operations Refresher Training In-House Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) DOT Drug & Alcohol Consortium Member (DOT-compliant testing program)DOT-compliant supervisor training (including Reasonable Suspicion Training)
National Drilling Association Safety Guideline Manual E-Rail safe Certified Chemical and Electrical Engineer on staff National Groundwater Association (NGWA) membership

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