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Water Filters

Custom Solutions

At Chatfield, we know that no two household's water issues are exactly the same. Because of this, we offer truly custom-solutions for our customers. Whether we're setting you up to treat over-chlorinated city water or helping mitigate bacteria and hard water, our systems offer everything you need to give your family peace of mind in knowing your water is healthy and pure. Using our custom systems, reverse osmosis and other uniquely-you options, Chatfield gives you better water from ground to tap.

Our custom solutions can manage:

  • VOC (caused by industrial dumping, leaks, spills or from the use and improper disposal of household products)

  • PFAS (PFAS in contaminated drinking water may result in the following health effects: Increased cholesterol levels. Changes in liver enzymes. Hormone disruption and increased risk for thyroid disease. As well as certain cancers and chronic diseases.)

  • Arsenic

  • City Water

  • Bacteria

When you need more than a run-of-the-mill system to fully treat your water, you can trust the state-of-the-art, built-for-you systems by Chatfield.

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