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Residential Water Q&A

What does my water well and pump system look like?


While well systems vary greatly, a simplified graphic of a submersible well pump and pressure tank can be observed below:


What types of routine maintenance should be completed on my well?

Proactive maintenance on your well can improve water quality and prevent worsening of some problems.  Some activities that might be completed on your well include:


What is a well liner?  Why would I need one?

A liner can be used to repair a well with damaged or perforated well casing.  Additionally, a liner can be utilized to block undesired layers of water that may flow into the well (e.g. layers with sediment or contamination).

Liners are basically a sleeve of PVC pipe with a "packer."  The packer is a plug that is installed in the space between the casing and the sleeve at a location below the well casing or below the undesired water layer.  This effectively isolates the unwanted parts of the well from the well pump and the desired water.

Liners are limited to 6" wells and larger as the liner must be a minimum of 4 inches.  Any smaller, and the submersible pump will not fit into the liner.