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Do you have hard water?

According to recent studies across the United States, 85% of homes have hard water, yet only 30% of those homes use a water softener to treat the water.

But how do you know for sure? As you can see from the map above, hard water swaths across the vast majority of the Midwest, especially in Ohio & Western Pennsylvania in the Ohio Valley watershed. It's a pretty good indicator that chances are your home is dealing with hard water. And not just hard, but very hard. Meaning the minerals are especially dense.

Scheduling a free Chatfield Water Test is the only sure way to know if you have hard water and just how hard that water is. Our water experts will walk you through your best options for your home. We'll also screen for other impurities and possible contaminants and bacteria. Get the peace of mind and pure water you deserve.


Call or text 724-588-2652 today to learn more about how Chatfield can fix your water issues

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