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Discover the Benefits of Ultraviolet Water Purification with Luminor

Luminor UV Water Treatment by Chatfield Drilling

Clean drinking water is more important than ever. With rising concerns about waterborne illnesses and chemical contaminants, many people are searching for reliable water purification methods. One standout solution is ultraviolet (UV) water purification. Endorsed by industry leaders like Chatfield Drilling, Luminor UV water systems offer a fantastic way to ensure your water is safe and pure. Here’s why they’re such a great choice:

Kills Germs Effectively

UV water purification is amazing at getting rid of germs. Luminor systems use UV-C light to destroy the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, making them harmless. This method works on tough pathogens like Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which aren’t affected by chlorine.

No Chemicals Involved

Unlike traditional methods that use chemicals, UV water purification doesn’t add anything to your water. This means no harmful byproducts and no changes to the taste or smell of your water. It’s a safer and more eco-friendly option for homes and businesses alike.

Low Maintenance and Cost-Effective

Luminor UV systems are user-friendly and require minimal upkeep. You’ll only need to replace the UV lamp about once a year. Plus, these systems use about as much energy as a regular light bulb, making them energy-efficient.

Fast and Reliable

UV purification works instantly. Water is disinfected as it passes through the system, so there’s no need for holding tanks or waiting. This means you get a constant supply of clean water.

Environmentally Friendly

UV water purification is a green solution. It eliminates the need for chemicals that can harm the environment and reduces the need for bottled water, cutting down on plastic waste. Luminor's durable and long-lasting products reflect their commitment to sustainability.

Endorsed by Experts

When experts like Chatfield Drilling recommend Luminor UV systems, you know you’re getting a quality product. With decades of experience in drilling and water services, Chatfield Drilling's endorsement speaks volumes about the reliability and effectiveness of Luminor products.

UV water purification with Luminor offers numerous benefits, making it an excellent choice for safe, clean drinking water. Its effectiveness, low maintenance, and chemical-free approach provide peace of mind and promote a healthier lifestyle. Trusted by professionals like Chatfield Drilling, Luminor UV systems are reliable and high-quality. Whether for home, business, or industrial use, investing in a Luminor UV system is a smart move for your health and the environment.

For more details and expert advice, reach out to Chatfield Drilling and explore the innovative solutions from Luminor. Clean, safe, and pure water is just a step away!

UV water treatment system diagram

Step 1: Pre-treated water enters the stainless steel chamber flowing around the UV lamp.

Step 2: The microbes in the water are exposed to the ultraviolet light (254nm wavelength) which alters their DNA, making them unable to replicate. The microbes are now harmless.

Step 3: The treated water then leaves the chamber and enters your homes water supply. The water is now safe for drinking, bathing and safe for use in food production.

There are several barriers that can affect UV performance.

●      Suspended solids, both visible and non-visible, particulate matter, commonly referred to as turbidity.

●      Scaling caused by physical scale deposits on the quartz sleeve from iron, manganese or calcium carbonate.

●      UV absorbing compounds, most often caused by dissolved substances. Certain organic substances such as humic or fumic acids (tannins), and certain in-organic substances such as iron and manganese absorb UV light, reducing the chambers effectiveness. These contaminants must be addressed before entering the chamber for UV treatment to be effective. UV is not a stand-alone water treatment process and is always accompanied by other treatment processes.

Luminor UV water treatment
Closeup of protozoa bacterium


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